First Project

So it is the summer holidays, and I thought it was a good idea to pick a new hobby and go for it. My fella is very creative and really into sculpting and painting, whereas I prefer following and adapting patterns to ensure what I am trying to create actually looks like what it is meant to be!

Starting stuff!

For this project I am using 16 count aida cross stitch fabric, a 5″ spring hoop, size 26 needle and 2 strands moonbrand embroidery thread with some DMC thread utilised



This is the start to my first project, as I am only just getting back into cross stitch (about 10 years ago since I last had a go) therefore just getting to this took me a little bit of time. I did start timing myself however with the mother ringing me and a 4 mile run planned I did get a bit distracted.


This is where I finally got up to when I finished yesterday, any guesses for what it could be?


Still working on this pokemon…looking forward to starting on the green!


Aaaand finally I have finished! I caught a Bulbasaur!

Bulbasaur #001

This was my first ‘big’ pattern to get back into cross-stitch. I have really enjoyed the peacefulness and the allowance for completing and achieving something instead of just sitting there and watching too many series of House on Netflix. Tempted to include the #001 either at the bottom or at the top, but this will be another days mission. Will be moving onto Charmander or Squirtle now!

*Dam you spellcheck not recognising the Pokemon names!


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