Charmander time!

So I thought I would get straight on with the next cross stitch project. Got a lot of time on my hands at the moment with it raining outside and a few arguments with the other half mean some alone time. However I am really getting into the Netflix program ‘Stranger Things’, it’s not often that you see a really grown up themed TV show starring kids, nice to see that TV programmes are still being made for adults and not just mass produce reality garbage. Sorry little rant over.

So back to the point, my next cross stitch is #004 in the Pokedex the cute little Charmander. I had a little bit of difficulty picking out the right colours for this little chap, as I do not use DMC thread and follow a DMC pattern chart there are a few changes that I make as I go along. I use Moonbrand thread, therefore some of the colours slightly vary, I wish I had a better excuse yet it’s because it is cheap and I have tons of it! The only DMC thread that I have is the beautiful dark charcoal colour #3799 at t front of the picture below.










This is how Charmander is starting to look after a couple of hours. (yes I am a slowpoke). I am happy so far with the colours, will keep posting on here till I have finished!


So two days later and this is where I got up to. So many things distracted me whilst completing this little guy. A trip to Hobby craft (sale now on!), actual food shopping to keep me, the fella and the dogs alive and netball and running wearing me out (and making me far too sweaty to hold a needle – sure you wanted to know that).

getting there…

Three days later from originally starting and I am finally done! Charmander is mine and he is the cutest little thing ever, Not sure about the brightness of the tail, feel like I should have maybe gone for a less bright yellow, however overall happy with the result.


So what is that, 2 down only 149 more to go 😉


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