Swagbucks… Can you make money?

So I signed up today (10th August) to Swagbucks which is a ‘rewards program’ that can apparently help me make money from home just by going online to do different things.

I’m not really going to talk about the History of Swagbucks or how other people have found, I am going to give an insight into my experience and what I had to do, and whether someone can actually make anything from using the site.

To be honest it was dead easy to sign up, all I did was go through someone else referral link, not going to lie here is mine: http://www.swagbucks.com/p/register?rb=21134758 *

*Note: I believe that no reward is received for someone using this link to register however I do receive a bonus of some kind. Just a disclaimer there.

All I needed to include was a email and password. Simple. An email was sent as a confirmation link, once confirmed could start earning SB points (these SB points add up and then eventually will be what can be exchanged for gift cards and vouchers).

What I did Day 1:
– Registration – 4SB
– Email sign up – 20SB
– Set a security Question – 2SB
– Swag button – 50SB
– Survey – 4SB
– Daily Poll – 1SB
Achieving Daily goals also allows more SB to be earned each day.

I found it really easy to earn the SB points on the first day, however when it came to the second day, I completed the daily poll and struggled to complete any surveys because I did not qualify for many of them. Then obviously the items I had completed on the first day can not be repeated.

What I would also advise is not to get to addicted to this site, I sat today for about half an hour looking for different things to complete. Use the site as you would any other, if you are not achieving what you want to do, LEAVE the Site.

To be continued….


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