#007 SqUiRtLe

So I started my third Pokemon in cross stitch today, and this one actually went really well in terms of how easy I felt it was (must be improving at last!). Although when I got to this point I was a little bit creeped out by the blank smile.


However I don’t think I am keen on the colours that I chose. I feel that the lighter blue around the edges should have been a tadge darker. But at least my squirtle is taking shape. I am absolutely loving the bright blue, I wish I could use more of it. (Moonbrand thread #7003).


And finally we get to the finished piece. I just got lazy taking pictures at this point, and too distracted by ‘House’ and some films that the fella said I definitely have to watch. Including ‘gangs of New York’. I know I suck, I would rather watch House a million times over than actually good films, I really do not think I have the attention span.

ta da!

Which Pokemon do I choose next? I feel purples or pinks. Although Pikachu seems the next logical step.


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