Jigglypuff Xstitch

So I’m into my second week of cross stitch, and am absolutely addicted. Yes I may have quit smoking, therefore I am finding something to replace this addiction and what better than a nice health hobby that will not harm my health.(running has been put on hold for the last 3 days as I have damaged my knee, yes well done me).

So I started this Jigglypuff on the reasoning that I really wanted to use some of the pinks and purples that I had at my disposal!

I fell in love instantly with the eyes, this pokemon just felt so much more delicate than the others I have completed.

I spy with my little eye…

I made good progress on this Xstitch mainly because it is simple and nice and easy block colours, I would really advise this for a beginner as it is just so straight forward.

Can you spot the mistake? No…. good 🙂 That is because I re-stitched where I went wrong

At this point, I thought I am going to have to finish quickly as I am going back to work. However when I finished work today (nice and easy as the students are not back yet… yippeee) I decided to bash on and luckily the sun decided to join me. So taking my big comfy chair out on to the decking in my garden, pouring myself a nice cool kopperberg, I finally got her finished.

I ❤ how pretty and pink she is!

yes I know I need to get off my bum and cut the grass!

Even my pupster looked impressed…


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