Daily Prompt: Cheat – in exams?

Cheat can mean many things to people, many immediately think about relationships…

This is not what came to my mind first however, I do not know whether this is because I am happy in the relationship I am in, or whether I am naive to the cheating environment.

Cheat…. or cheating (a doing word) the teacher in me exploded out and all I could think about was those students that asked me to help them cheat in their Maths GCSE. Now the fact that the GCSE results came out last Thursday may be the main reason why this has been on my mind.

I have been a teacher only for about 2 and a half years and yet there have always been the students that have asked me to help them cheat. The reasons why I do not help them cheat are these:

  1. It is not worth my job
  2. Student have never worked out a good enough bribe (although some students did once offer to pay for me to go on a cruise)
  3. I am not actually in the room as an invigilator
  4. THE MOST IMPORTANT REASON –> It does not help the student.

Through the last two years I have tried to explain to my students that if I help them cheat in their functional or GCSE exam, how will this help them in the real world? My attitude is I would prefer to put the extra effort in to supporting the student understand the topic in which they are struggling with. Now I know that many (optimism), some, may read this and think well surely this is all teachers attitude. Well, no it isn’t. I have not only heard but have seen with my two eyes, blatant cheating to ensure that achievement figures look ‘pretty’. I have seen teachers cheat in exams because they felt sorry for the student.

To be honest I think if a teacher cheats for a student, they are doing it for themselves. At the end of the day it helps their numbers, it makes them look good and probably makes themselves feel good as well. So you know what if cheating is seen it needs to be stopped, because I tell you what it makes my life harder as a teacher with unrealistic expectations and it dam well makes a students life harder.

What do you think?


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6 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Cheat – in exams?

  1. You’re right – they are only cheating themselves. I cheated in some exams that I didn’t think were very important (before I went to university). At the time I justified it because I thought when you sit an exam, all of that knowledge pours out on to the paper and is forgotten forever. I’ve grown up a lot since then, but that’s what you’re up against – people like my former self who didn’t think the subject was very important anyway. I can’t believe I just admitted that I cheated!

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  2. My first thought also took me to academic settings.
    I have frequently encouraged students to cheat. My job is to help them learn, not trick them with difficult questions taken from arcane footnotes or obscure lecture material. I am unequivocal about letting them know what they need to know. I leave notes on the board when students are taking quizzes, encourage them to work together when studying as well as when taking tests. (This is not to say, that mere copying of test answers is helpful or condoned). Peer pressure to perform and succeed is a far more potent motivator than any preaching, abstract reading or “standardized” testing can accomplish.
    Why is individual effort so highly regarded in the classroom? In the work-a-day world of civilized society, for which teachers are supposedly preparing their students, we encourage cooperation, team work, accomplishing a task with the help of co-workers, asking questions to quickly find the right answers? From an academic perspective, cheating.
    Cheating is a pejorative term for “efficiently getting the job done.” It’s as pertinent in the classroom as anywhere else individuals participate. A teacher’s main job is to help students learn how to learn. Learning should be fun, easy, and relevant, and cheating can be an effective tool in accomplishing the goals of students, teachers and society in general.
    How’s that for a pedantic rant?


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    1. Love it.
      I totally agree with you in preparing students for the real world with group activities and working together to achieve answers, I find the use of technology has been extremely useful and I try to incorporate the use of mobile tablets regularly in to classes for more collaborative engaging sessions.
      However, if everyone were to cheat and not know the answer who would there be to ask to quickly find that right answer? Okay there is google, but what about if the world as we know it ended, and technology ceased to exist…. I think I may have gone overboard there.
      I have totally lost the point I was trying to make and I feel it is in there somewhere. I may attempt at a literate coherent response at some point, maybe after I have had some brain food (chocolate). Thanks 🙂

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