Training – start of the year

So to carry on my journey in training for the London marathon and tough mudder I decided on a 8 mile run today. I mean why not.

I found the start tough today, even getting past the first 2 mile seemed forever. However once I broke 3.5miles I seemed to have settled whether this was mentally or physically I’m not sure. 

So overall roughly one hour and 20 minutes. Again I know I’m not going to break any world records with this time and in general this is not a fast time at all, but for me this is an achievement and I’m dam happy!! 

The route I took was a new one for me and with blue sky and sunshine with a slight frost it was a beautiful one. 

The problem I feel I may have is my weight, I do struggle to maintain weight as it is and increasing my exercise I feel this may make me lose too much. (I can’t afford to lose any more weight). I eat a lot and my calories for the day is quite high, and when low I this in a protein shake to boost. Any pointers would be useful?! 

Lots of love

Rachyba8e xx 


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