Why is it harder to run on the treadmill? 

Today I did my circuit, weights and warm up then got down to my 3.5mile run – see above. 

However I have found it harder to run on the treadmill than just running around my town. I don’t know whether this is due to boredom, or whether it is one specific constant speed on the treadmill compared to varied speed and incline round the street. 

Yet 8 mile easy on the street, 3.5 mile an annoyance on the treadmill. I could have gone on but I just couldn’t be bothered.  

Then I considered my warm up and circuit at the gym. This consisted of 10 minutes on the bike and ten minutes on the cross trainer. With about 20 minutes of weights then my stretches. Maybe this is the issue. 

Next time I hit the gym, I am going to go straight into my run and see if this makes a difference (hopefully my 12 hours at work with my 6 hours of teaching within that won’t have an effect 😐 ) 

On the plus point I seem to have sorted out my eating and weight. Not managed to lose anything this week, even gained a kg to sit at 57kg… On my way to my goal of 60kg, keeping going!!! 

Rachyba8e xx


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