Photo Challenge – ‘Mirror’ Matsumoto

One of the first cities that I visited was Matsumoto which is in the Chubu region of Japan. I can honestly say that it is in my top favourite cities. It is BEAUtiful, gorgeous, friendly and with so much to see and do I was spoilt for pictures. Enjoy…. Mirror I went along to see Matsumoto castle, and when I was travelling there the snow was falling heavily! However as soon as I arrived at the castle the snow cleared, blue sky appeared and the sunshine was gorgeous. This presented me with the perfect opportunity to snap the black castle … Continue reading Photo Challenge – ‘Mirror’ Matsumoto

Daily Prompt: Expert – ‘Practice Makes Perfect’

Expert Have you ever tried to pat your head and rub your stomach at the same time? This is a classic example of a dual task performance, and what many have tried to understand is can the performance of these tasks be improved in any way? A suggestion that has been posed by psychologists is practice; repeating something over and over again. At a time when the Olympics has just passed and with only 9 days until the paralympics, there is a certain amount of evidence that practice does indeed make perfect. Yet how many hours do we need to … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Expert – ‘Practice Makes Perfect’