Why is it harder to run on the treadmill? 

Today I did my circuit, weights and warm up then got down to my 3.5mile run – see above.  However I have found it harder to run on the treadmill than just running around my town. I don’t know whether this is due to boredom, or whether it is one specific constant speed on the treadmill compared to varied speed and incline round the street.  Yet 8 mile easy on the street, 3.5 mile an annoyance on the treadmill. I could have gone on but I just couldn’t be bothered.   Then I considered my warm up and circuit at … Continue reading Why is it harder to run on the treadmill? 

Daily Prompt: Expert – ‘Practice Makes Perfect’

Expert Have you ever tried to pat your head and rub your stomach at the same time? This is a classic example of a dual task performance, and what many have tried to understand is can the performance of these tasks be improved in any way? A suggestion that has been posed by psychologists is practice; repeating something over and over again. At a time when the Olympics has just passed and with only 9 days until the paralympics, there is a certain amount of evidence that practice does indeed make perfect. Yet how many hours do we need to … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Expert – ‘Practice Makes Perfect’

Daily Prompt: Cheat – in exams?

Cheat can mean many things to people, many immediately think about relationships… This is not what came to my mind first however, I do not know whether this is because I am happy in the relationship I am in, or whether I am naive to the cheating environment. Cheat…. or cheating (a doing word) the teacher in me exploded out and all I could think about was those students that asked me to help them cheat in their Maths GCSE. Now the fact that the GCSE results came out last Thursday may be the main reason why this has been … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Cheat – in exams?

Swagbucks… Can you make money?

So I signed up today (10th August) to Swagbucks which is a ‘rewards program’ that can apparently help me make money from home just by going online to do different things. I’m not really going to talk about the History of Swagbucks or how other people have found, I am going to give an insight into my experience and what I had to do, and whether someone can actually make anything from using the site. To be honest it was dead easy to sign up, all I did was go through someone else referral link, not going to lie here … Continue reading Swagbucks… Can you make money?